I am a clergy widow and a clergy mother. Like many other older people, apart from a small savings account, my house is my only asset and my income comes from a tiny private pension and the state.

My daughter and I had long cherished a hope to be able to go on pilgrimage together to the Holy Land, but financially it was beyond our reach. Unexpectedly, my daughter, then a curate, was offered an almost free ticket by her diocese on their annual pilgrimage. She was excited but reluctant to go without me.

I could see no way of affording the cost without help, so my daughter suggested contacting Sons & Friends of Clergy. I have an inbuilt reluctance to ask for such help, but knowing my daughter would probably not go without me, late in the day I bit the bullet and applied for assistance.

Miraculously it was granted, and appeared in my bank account the day before the deadline for travel payment. What a blessing and privilege it was to be able to walk in the footsteps of our Lord and Saviour.

Thank you Sons & Friends for enabling both of us to enrich our spiritual lives.