Ordinand Library

All Anglican ordinands in the UK and Ireland are being offered FREE access to a new library app sponsored by Sons & Friends of the Clergy.


A partnership with the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge and Inter-Varsity Press in the UK, the app covers over 1,200 titles in e-book format from the SPCK/IVP/Apollos back catalogue of theological resources and other Christian books.

This library resource's cost of £120 per year will be supported by Sons & Friends to make it FREE for the duration of your ordination training through the support of Sons & Friends.

Download as many books as you want. New SPCK, IVP and Apollos titles will be added as and when they are published. Notable authors include:

  • Tom Wright
  • Kenneth Bailey
  • Richard Rohr
  • Rowan Williams

The Ordinand Library is available via web browser, Apple (iOS) and Android after you fill out the subscription form:

Get the Ordinand Library

Ordinand Library App