Ordinand Grants

Given other initiatives we are introducing to support Anglican ordinands, including the Ordinand Health Grant and Ordinand Library, we are phasing out our financial grants from September 2018.

If however you have previously received an ordinand grant from us prior to September 2018, and are still in training, then you can continue to apply for a reduced grant of £230 per year, payable for each year of your training until you are ordained to the office of deacon.

For clarity, this grant is not available to those who have started studies after 1 September 2018 or who have not previously received this grant.

Support for Ordinands

Ordinand Library

For all Anglican ordinands training in the UK and Ireland, including those who are just starting their studies and those who have previously received a financial grant from us, support will also be available for your training through our new Ordinand Library.

Ordinand Health Grants

Anglican ordinands training on a recognised course in the UK or Ireland are eligible to apply for assistance towards medical costs. This is for a physical or mental health condition which is affecting yourself, spouse, partner or dependent children.