What types of grant are available?

Gifts towards financial hardship

Using data from the Office of National Statistics and the charity’s long experience of grant-making, Sons & Friends has established benchmark incomes to assess the level of financial hardship. Where the charity judges that the household income is not sufficient to support the particular situation of the household, grants towards alleviating hardship may be available.

The household income of retired clergy, widows/widowers of clergy, and divorced and separated spouses will be assessed in a similar way.


Starting in September 2018, the way we support Anglican ordinands training in the UK and Ireland has changed. If you received a grant previously and are still in training then please see Ordinand Grants.

Health grants for a physical or mental health condition have been expanded to include ordinands and their dependents. See Ordinand Health Grants.

We have also launched an Ordinand Library resource in partnership with SPCK which includes 1,000+ eBooks available online and via Android and iOS apps.