Special Purpose Grants

Grants may be available to help eligible households with some specific needs as detailed below. The financial position of eligible households will be assessed in the same way as for Gifts towards financial hardship. 

Accessibility modifications: Help may be available towards the cost of mobility aids, stair lifts, installation of a wet room etc, where there is a medical need.

Bereavement: Help can sometimes be considered for clergy and their widows/widowers towards the costs of their spouse’s/partner’s funeral.

Debt relief: In exceptional circumstances the Trustees may be able to offer limited help with repayment of debt.

Legal fees on buying first property: Legal fees incurred on the purchase of a first property for clergy who are approaching retirement. 

Medical expenses: Help may be available to assist with medical expenses that are not covered under the NHS – most often for counselling, therapy, care home fees etc. Please ensure that you have contacted your Local Health Authority/Social Services and all other third party sources of funding to see what help is available.

Nursing home fees: Limited help can be considered towards the costs of nursing home care where the shortfall in fees cannot be met by the State, local authority, other relevant charities or family.

Relationship Counselling: Help may be available towards relationship support counselling.

Resettlement: Where there is no Diocesan help available.

School fees: In certain exceptional circumstances, the Trustees may provide help towards school fees where there is a compelling proven educational need for a child to attend an Independent School.

Please contact a member of the Grants Team at the office on 020 7799 3696 or grants@sonsandfriends.org.uk if you would like to apply for any of the above Special Purpose Grants to talk through your eligibility.