We are often asked about the charity's criteria for awarding grants, as applicants are keen to know
whether it is worth embarking on the application process.

Do please read Grant Information since this sets out in general terms who is eligible to apply for a grant from the charity.

Beyond this it is difficult to be specific, as each application is considered on its own merits. But here are a few pointers:

  • We are a charity for the "relief and prevention of poverty or hardship" - any applicant should bear this in mind.

  • We consider a household's total income from all sources - e.g. stipend, salary, pensions, maintenance, rents, dividends and some state benefits.

  • State benefits given to people with a disability (or caring for someone with a disability) are not included in our income assessment.

  • Owning property does not rule out an application. However, if you own property and have more than £16,000 in savings, you will not be eligible for a financial hardship gift. If you are a property owner with savings in excess of £16,000 and want to apply for a special purpose gift please call one of our Grants Officers on 020 7799 3696.

  • Many applicants have modest savings and this does not play a large part in our assessment of income (especially for those who do not own property). However, we do expect that those with considerable savings should look to these before making an application to the charity.

  • Potential applicants facing financial hardship should check first that they have claimed all the welfare benefits to which they are entitled. This benefits calculator on the Turn2Us charity website may be helpful. Please note that this is a third party website and Sons & Friends of the Clergy accepts no liability for the information provided.

We ask applicants to submit supporting documentation for all sources of income. This is to enable us to assess household income fairly and accurately.

Grant Application Form

You can preview all the questions before applying, to gather the necessary information and documents.