The charity now known as the Sons & Friends of the Clergy is in fact an amalgamation over time of six organisations. The first of these, the Corporation of Clergymen’s Sons, was founded in 1655 by a group of sons of clergy to support destitute clergy during the time of Oliver Cromwell. In 1678, the organisation received a Royal Charter from Charles II. A fuller history of the organisation can be found below.

Today, Sons & Friends of the Clergy continues this long tradition of supporting clergy households. We see our purpose as promoting, sustaining and renewing the wellbeing of clergy and their dependents so that clergy flourish and thus are able to serve God’s people. Throughout our history we have done this by providing financial Grants to eligible households in times of hardship. More recently we have begun to explore a wider ‘wellbeing’ agenda and are developing a range of Programmes to support serving clergy.